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Results management at a swim meet, means much more than just printing the results after an event. It starts with setting up the meet database before the meet, then processing and verifying meet entries. There are any number of required pre-meet reports, some of which you may want posted online.

However, the demands on the computer operator skyrocket when the meet actually starts. After all, you are responsible for seeding the events, printing the lane assignments, timer sheets, and when you have time, the results from the previous event. During all this, you can be flooded with fixes, adjustments, and judges decisions.

The fact is, results management is the single most important function at the meet. It's the reason everyone is there; to get a time and a placing. Of course, the snack bar is important, hospitality is important, but if results management stops, the meet literally stops with it.

Don't let anyone tell you "its just a swim meet, how hard can it be." If you have tried it, you know. Results management can be intimidating and it is hard. Only two things make a difference; In depth knowledge of swimming and results management experience.

  • Cabling - Computer interface with timing console and LAN setup
  • Meet entries - Entering and verifying entries before the meet
  • Reports - Producing all required pre-meet reports (check-in, psych sheets etc.)
  • Online presence - Creation and maintenance of meet website
  • Real-time web results - Real time meet results posted online
  • Database management - Full results management during the meet


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